Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Feminism, Please!

Social media is all a-twitter* with stories of new idiocies from crazy feminists, typically from our institutions of higher learning. Everyone's racist, some women don't have vaginas, the cis-gendered patriarchy oppresses them on a daily basis, blah blah blah. I'll bet that furniture stores in college towns can't keep fainting couches in stock.

Personally, I love it. I've got a daughter who is reaching marriageable age and every time I read about some brainwashed chick foaming at the mouth about sexism, racism or whatever, I think, "One less. Muuhahahaha!"

I really do think that "Muuhahahaha!" part, too.

Look, there are only so many decent guys out there. These days, what with porn, weed and student loans, herds of prospective husbands on the hoof are pretty thin. Every young feminist is one less competitor for my daughter because every one of those loons might as well be wearing a "CRAZY CHICK" sign taped to their backs.

So go to it, universities! Teach courses like The Problem With Whiteness all you want. Force everyone to take Women Of Color classes. It just means more guys available for my daughter to marry.

Dear feminists - while you were screaming about transgendered rights, this girl bagged your man. Losers.
* - All a-twitter! HAHAHAHAHA!**

** - Hey, someone has to laugh at these.


Trigger Warning said...

I found it interesting that an attempted University of Montreal study of the effects of porn on young men was rendered less useful than it might have been because the investigator couldn't find enough young men who eschewed porn to form a control group.

The objective of my work is to observe the impact of pornography on the sexuality of men, and how it shapes their perception of men and women. We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography but we couldn't find any.

K T Cat said...


Meanwhile, I was reading Robert Graves book, Goodbye To All That about his experiences in WW I and there were passages about new recruits coming over from England visiting French prostitutes and having sex for the first time in their lives at ages 18-19. It wasn't always as it is today.