Thursday, January 22, 2015

Firing The Money Bazooka In 3..2..1..

There's nothing that printing lots and lots of money can't solve! With Europe falling into recession, the ECB is swinging into action!
FRANKFURT—The European Central Bank said Thursday it plans to purchase over €1 trillion ($1.157 trillion) in public and private sector bonds by the fall of 2016, a landmark decision aimed at combating stagnation and ultralow inflation in a region that has emerged as a top risk to the global economic recovery.
Printing gobs of cash has a long track record of success. Look at the way the ECB was printing money just a year or so ago and how well that kept things humm ... err ... humming ... err ... well, maybe that's a bad example.

Zimbabwe, on the other hand, has had really huge success with the whole money-printing thing.
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tim eisele said...

So, since a bazooka fires rockets, does that mean that when you fire the money bazooka it leaves a trail of burning money raining down from the sky, and only a small bit of the money actually hits the target?