Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Central California Needs Irrigation

... is becoming apparent from my rainfall data scraping experiment. Despite being above normal for the year, Modesto hasn't seen rain in over two weeks. You can't do dry dirt farming like that. Everything would die.

December 21: 218% of normal
January 5: 162% of normal

At this rate, with no rain, Modesto will fall below average for the year by January 22.

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tim eisele said...

Yes, from the rainfall that you mentioned earlier (about 7 inches in 6 months), I'd say you're fairly arid, teetering on the brink of desert. We get several times that (almost 40 inches a year) up here in Houghton, with pretty good distribution throughout the year, and even here we get occasional brushes with being too dry for anything to grow.