Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boy Meets Gulls

We had some scraps of white bread left over from an appetizer recipe, so I took them down to Mission Bay to feed the gulls. This lot of scurvy knaves made short work of the bread and then stood around looking to cause trouble.

I got a couple of shots of gulls in the air, but since I wasn't using the sport mode on the camera, they came out too blurry to share. Oh well, there's never a lack of opportunities to photograph seagulls here in San Diego.


Trigger Warning said...

I always get a good shot or two when I use my Benelli 12ga Super Black Eagle in sport mode.

K T Cat said...

I would imagine that they do NOT taste like chicken.


tim eisele said...

While doing a quick check to see what seagulls taste like, I found this:

"There is the tale of the butcher in Germany who made sausage from various seabirds he killed. Eventually the police showed up and had him arrested. He was charged with taking a tern for the wurst."

tim eisele said...

Seagull Recipes (roughly translated from Danish):


They evidently taste a bit like dead fish if not carefully prepared.

K T Cat said...

You are what you eat!

Trigger Warning said...

Why am I not surprised that a recipe for gull would be found on a Scandinavian website? Because... people who eat fish soaked in lye probably consider pickled gull tenders to be a great delicacy.