Friday, November 14, 2014

Sea Turtle Off Cape Kinau, Maui

On previous trips to Maui, seeing sea turtle was a rare treat. This time, we saw lots and lots of turtles. In fact, on our last snorkeling session, I had to push one out of my way to keep it from running into me. The turtle didn't mind, it just kept cruising along, doing whatever it was it was doing.

The video below was shot with my GoPro Hero3 without any filters at all. On this trip, we discovered that the red filter at less than 20' of depth makes a hash of the scene, turning everything a sickly yellow. There's another filter designed for snorkeling that is only slightly red and I'm going to get one of those before our next tropical island foray.

In the meantime, this video really is best seen in full screen and HD. The lower res versions don't do the turtle justice.



The Sanity Inspector said...

Seems to be favoring his front left flipper a little. Magnificent beastie, anyway.

K T Cat said...

SI, I didn't notice it at the time while we were in the water with the turtle, but in editing the video, I saw that it didn't move either the left front or right rear flippers.

Yep, their beautiful. We were blessed to see so many of them.