Monday, November 24, 2014

Most Creative People

... don't care if the talent catches their death of cold?

Reading an article on the web, I came across this clickbait ad for another web site. It did not have the intended result on me.
The photographer is wearing a down jacket so long and heavy that they look like Arsene Wenger on a cold, London Saturday. The model must be freezing her cute, little tuckus off. That's not exactly a turn-on.


tim eisele said...

Granted she looks cold in that picture, but when she gets in front of the massive heat-ray (that incidentally also produces light) that we see in the background, I bet she warms up in a real hurry.

There are actually some ongoing attempts to use this for general heating purposes. The IR heat beams just follow the person around the room. After all, why pay for energy to heat the whole room, when you can just warm up the person directly?

lee said...

Worked in a theater and because of the heat on stage from the lights, the rest of the theater was pretty darned cold! The "talent" stayed comfy, the technical people wore down jackets...