Friday, November 21, 2014

I Miss The Border Already

So if we're not going to deport anyone, just what are Border Patrol agents going to do now?

Why have a fence at all?

Is the border a marker for which government gets the taxes? If you're on this side, the taxes go to Mexico City, if you're on that side they go to Washington, DC?


tim eisele said...

Well, that's what the border between, say, California and Nevada is for, isn't it?

For that matter, the border between the US and Canada was practically nothing but a line showing who got to collect taxes where, at least until recently.

K T Cat said...

Borders dissolve as those in charge of enforcing them lose the ability to differentiate between the two places.

Go team.

lee said...

Well, try getting a job in Mexico without proper visas, work permit, etc. See how fast they deeper you.