Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I Don't Understand. Am I Supposed To Wolf Whistle Or Not?

So there's a video of some chick walking past a bunch of minority dudes getting catcalls and wolf whistles. (I'm not going to find it and share it here because I'm too lazy right now.) This has feminists in Full Freakout Mode, demanding, err, something. I'm not quite sure of what they want, probably because what they want is fundamentally contradictory with something else they want and so the whole thing is incoherent.

Now I come to find out that Lena Durham, Hollywood social justice fascist that she is, penned this piece of rubbish for the mass murdering trolls at Planned Parenthood giving a list of 5 reasons why you should vote.
1. When you vote, you feel so, so good...I wore fishnets and a little black dress to vote, then walked around with a spring in my slinky step.
Wait, what? She wore fishnets and slank around all day? I dunno, maybe she did it in her bedroom where no one could see her. If she did it out in public, then she was deliberately inviting ogling and wolf whistles. But we were just told that guys aren't supposed to do that.

I give up. I have no idea what these bitter, feminist skanks want. It's all so Escheresque. The staircase is going up and down at the same time and there are people walking on the top and the bottom and if you turn the picture to any side it still makes sense and now I think I just sprained my cerebral cortex trying to figure it out.

Whatever. Here's something we can all understand. A wonder goal by Papiss Cisse.

Now that makes sense.

Update: If you watched that goal and want a laugh, watch the first 20 seconds of this video to see a group of British sports talk blokes witnessing it live on TV in their studio. Wonderful.


B-Daddy said...

Here's what they want. They want to control the narrative and assert the primacy of all things feminine. They want to destroy traditional roles in society because they want to destroy society to remake it. They want to impose leftist fascism, but I repeat myself, by destroying the traditional bulwarks of civil society that buttress republican democracy. They want to vent their self-loathing by destroying everyone and everything in their path.

There is no sense in reasoning with them, only mocking, shaming and changing the narrative will work.

Trigger Warning said...

There is no sense in reasoning with them, only mocking, shaming and changing the narrative will work.

Sign me up for the Mockery Squad.

tim eisele said...

A relevant flowchart from Playboy.