Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Best Thing About My New Samsung Galaxy S5 Is ...

... its battery life.

I just upgraded from a Galaxy S3 to an S5. Oh sure, the screen is bigger, the processor is faster, the camera is better and it instantly knows precisely where it is with speed and accuracy unheard of in the S3, but the best part of all is how long it lasts. I don't have any hard data as I've never let it drain to zero, but both my wife and I agree that our S5s best feature is the battery life.

That was unexpected, to be sure.


Mostly Nothing said...

My battery life varies from completely run out and shutdown to 57% last night. I like the S3 and don't want a bigger screen. If I need a bigger screen I pul out the iPad.

K T Cat said...

When my S3 upgraded to KitKat, it killed the thing's GPS. I could no longer do navigation. Crazy, I know. The old S3 also had a brain spasm a while back and had to erase all of its memory and restart from scratch.