Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spiritual Positioning

This weekend, I'm working a men's retreat. I posted this on Thursday, scheduling it to come out today. Instead of blogging, I'll be in the kitchen chopping veggies, doing dishes and serving others. For a variety of unavoidable, small but cumulative reasons, I've been spiritually and psychically tired lately. It's been difficult to be thoughtful or creative.

When I took kung fu a few years back, my instructors taught me about "positioning." While you can learn how to protect yourself, you'd be far better off not to put yourself into a situation where you're called to do it.

Positioning is what this weekend is all about for me. I'm not very enthused by the prospect (writing on Thursday right before I drive up), but I know that at the very least, I won't be doing something stupid or sinful. By hanging out with a bunch of great guys who are also there to serve and share their love, chances are really good that I'll gain strength and energy from them and bring it home with me.

Sometimes it's hard to push yourself to do the things you ought to do. When that happens it's best to position yourself so that's all you can do.

I'm bringing my camera with me. I hope to get some decent photos to share when I come back. I'll be sure to pray for all my blog readers, too. You give me strength even when you don't realize it.

God bless you all.

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