Sunday, October 12, 2014

Abortion Is Darwinian

I've always loved the smug, condescending characterizations of religion as some kind of psychological pacifier, concocted by savages to calm their mortality-worried minds. I'm also a big fan of evolutionary biology where scientists explain species and sub-species differences by noting competitive advantages. When Darwinian advantage analyses are applied to humans, it's particularly fun. After all, Darwin himself suggested the "inferior" races would vanish from the earth and we'd be left with the "superior" humans, a gap and then the apes in the whole ESPN Evolution Power Poll.

This weekend, I came across this tweet.

The story at the link is fascinating, like the diary of a Einsatzgruppen field officer describing how he helped cleanse Grossdeutsches Reich of subhumans, making room for a future influx of the Volk. After all, let's face it, there's no Sky Fairy and we're all just animals, DNA strands trying to propagate down the misty corridors of time in robotic fashion. Everything we do is governed by biology and natural selection.

Once you discard the primitive superstitions created by confused and hysterical minds, you can embrace the world as it is and realize that abortionists are merely carrying out their programming - destroying competitors to their own progeny. It's all so simple. The pro-choice crowd is naturally following their Darwinian impulses.

Instead of pro-choice, we should call it pro-natural-selection. We're not exercising reproductive rights, we're weeding out the inferior members of the species.

Baboons do this. When a new male defeats the old alpha, he will slay all the nursing babies so their mothers will come into heat sooner and he can mate with them. It's natural, it happens all the time in the wild and best of all, it's understood by science.


I felt weird posting this after coming home from a retreat, but it jumped out at me while reading my Twitter stream and I thought it worth posting. The subject is a bit harsh, but there you have it.


Trigger Warning said...

You're exactly right, Señor Gato, but with a twist.

James Taranto has often written about what he calls the "Roe effect". Assuming parents, for whatever reason, strongly influence the political views of their offspring, aficionados of abortion limit the future of their own views by killing their young.

Anyway, unrestricted abortion's time has come and gone except in deep blue Progressive dystopias. Only a quarter of Americans support the Democrat platform on abortion, anyway.

K T Cat said...

Señor Gato? The only person to call me that was Secular Apostate, who I loved dearly. You wouldn't happen to be him, would you? Oh well, in any case, I really like you and your blog, too, so feel free to stop by and comment and use the old Señor Gato term. I take it with deep affection.

As for the comment itself, I've seen the Roe Effect columns from Taranto. It's pretty accurate from a national point of view. See also: Europe, demographics of.