Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Joan Walsh's Speech At Danzig

In the process of having some fun at Dean's expense, I spent a little time going over Hitler's pre-war and invasion of Poland speeches. I'd previously read that Hitler was a great devotee of the atheist Nietzsche and to one extent or another was a fan of Darwinian natural selection. In 10 Books That Screwed Up The World, Benjamin Wiker describes Hitler's obsession with racial and cultural fantasies. Finally, I came across Hitler's speech at Danzig following the invasion of Poland. It's racial and cultural lunacy. Dig these passages.
One thing has been clearly proved in the last twenty years; the Poles who had not founded that culture also were not able to maintain it. It has been shown again that only he who is himself culturally creative can permanently maintain real cultural performance.

Thirty years would have been sufficient to reduce again to barbarism those territories which the Germans, painstakingly and with industry and thrift, had saved from barbarism. Everywhere traces of this retrogression and decay were visible... 
There is a difference whether people of lower cultural value has the misfortune to be governed by a culturally significant people or whether a people of high cultural significance has forced upon it the tragic fate of being oppressed by an inferior.

In this inferior people all its inferiority complexes will be compensated upon a higher culture-bearing people. This people will be horribly and barbarically mistreated and Germans have been evidence of this fate for twenty years.
Now check out Joan Walsh's loopy, race-crazed screed at Slate, The Year In Whiteness.
Maybe it was the very fact of enjoying a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends, against the manufactured backlash to a nonexistent “War on Christmas,” that let me appreciate the perilous mental state of a small but noisy and paranoid swath of white America. Somehow over the holiday it became clear: 2013 was the year white grievance mongering became an uglier and even more lucrative racket.
It goes on and on with only the Koch Brothers and Dick Cheney left out of the hate fest. There's Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin, Fox News, the whole panoply of  "people of lower cultural value" leading the way for paranoid whities. It's fascinating, in a perverse, demented sense.

I suppose I ought to offer some kind of alternate take on the data points that Frau Walsh interprets through racialist eyes, but why? Does anyone actually think the Poles were somehow culturally inferior? OK, I suppose I'll give it a half-hearted try.


There, that's as much as she's worth, probably more.

Update: A white Christian singing happily about inter-racial marriage? Consider Joanie's little racialist mind blown. One can just see her rocking back and forth on her bed, biting into her pillow, screaming into it, begging for the image of conservative Christians of all races happily singing together to go away.

In the end, there's only one possible response to the crimes of the culturally inferior whities.


tim eisele said...

OK, so I went and read the Joan Walsh article that you linked to. And as far as I can see, the whole article boils down to this: She's saying that there are a number of people making their living off of convincing white people that they are in danger of being racially oppressed. And that's about it.

I seem to recall in the past that you have, similarly, railed against certain people who make their living off of playing up to black people that they are being more racially oppressed than they are.

I have to say that I can't really see much distinction between what she writes, and what I recall you writing. Neither of you are saying that whites or blacks actually are predominately racist. And both of you are unhappy with people who pump up tiny amounts of racism into the appearance of a ravening monster for their own purposes.

And I think that both of you are justified.

So how come you feel the need to Hitlerize her, for basically agreeing with you?

K T Cat said...

Phil Robertson and Sarah Palin, just to take two of the examples she cites, were never about race. In fact, Phil was saying that he farmed with blacks, they all got along and everything was cool and groovy. Joan takes that and turns it into racialist mush, merging race and religion in the hopes that no one will notice.

Further, her article is silly on its face. There's no National Dialog on Race in politics and the press when some black guy offs a white guy, but only the reverse, no matter how common it is. She might as well be writing about the dangers of a Sharknado. And just how Sarah Palin and Fox News figure into it, I'm sure I don't know.

Her column is just one more beating of the racialist drum with the same old villains listed.

As an aside, two of our sons have taken racialist classes in school where white men were villified morning, noon and night by professors who have degrees in the subject of Hating White Men. I challenge you to find their white counterparts at any Ivy League school.

Seriously, it's an industry, Tim. Joan's just another worker in the machine, the chick third from the left, waving her handkerchief and crying into her dirndl with joy at the thought that she can contribute in some small way during the Danzig speech.

K T Cat said...

Shorter version: For the Poles, Phil Robertson,Sarah Palin and Fox News, it's not about race. One could see them penning columns on the year in Christianity, conservative activism or political reporting, but never the year in (blackness, whiteness, brownness, whatever). For Joan and the Nazis, such columns are natural.