Saturday, June 22, 2013

Went To A Wedding Last Night

... and the men were in suits and the women in dresses. Everyone was doing their best to look their best. The  women were smaller than the men and clearly weaker. The groom was a big, strapping fellow and the bride was a lovely, petite woman.

My wife and I taught a remarriage class for the Diocese recently. At the beginning, the couples spent about 5 minutes each telling their love story. The stories were different, but had some basic similarities. The men were caught by the woman's beauty and the women fell in love with their man's kindness, thoughtfulness and skills.

Our obsession with "everyone is equal" is madness. Whether it's women in the infantry or gay marriage, the underlying concept that we're all the same flies in the face of observable reality.

Is it so very hard to be happy with who you are?

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