Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Kind Of Thing Would Never Happen If We Just Gave The Government More Power

A report released last week by the Energy Department’s inspector general found that nepotism within the department has become an “open and widely accepted” practice, which has resulted in the relatives of department officials getting their relatives employment at the DOE.
Oh, wait ...

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Kelly the little black dog said...

This is hardly anything new for the DOE. There was a Physics journal from the late 70's, can't remember which now, that published a cartoon with the words "Los Alamos Department of Nepotism" on the HR department door. Working there I got to see that it was pretty much the case for the support positions. Same was true for the Navy Lab at Stennis. A lot of cousins seemed to fill those entry level jobs. I suspect it happens more when the lab is located in a remote location. Didn't see any of that in the Navy labs in Monterey.