Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Immigration Bill In A Nutshell

Here's my understanding of the bill*.

The people in favor of the bill are the big government types. The government is responsible for education, health care and is the dominant feature in the lives of most people making less than the median income. In short, the government is responsible for the state of our human capital.

The people who have created the situation are telling us that our human capital is screwed up. We don't create enough businesses, have enough babies or work hard enough so we need to import uneducated, unskilled people who don't speak English from a failed narco-state.

Well, that's good enough for me. If Harry Reid and John McCain like it, I guess I ought to support it, too.

* - I don't understand the bill at all. It's about twenty three thousand pages long. No one understand the bill.

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ligneus said...

Regardless of whether it's a good or bad bill, how can any representative of the people even think of passing such a massive amount of law when they can't have read and probably wouldn't understand it if they did?
They don't have to be mad though it would no doubt help, just lacking in the tiniest smidgeon of common sense.