Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Fundamental Problem With Meghan Laslocky's Morality

... is that she assumes everyone else will apply it where she does. To her groin.

Meghan Laslocky is one of many let the mask slip on the whole single sex marriage thing. It's not about fairness or civil rights, it's the obliteration of a restraining social norm in pursuit of entropic, destructive hedonism.  She's got an article out on CNN attacking the whole idea of monogamy. Because, you know, we're animals and animals aren't monogamous.
It's time for our culture to wake up and smell the sex pheromones: monogamy is not natural for many, or probably even most, humans...The evidence shows that monogamy is a rarity among mammals. Only 3% to 5% of all the mammal species on Earth "practice any form of monogamy." In fact, no mammal species has been proven to be truly monogamous.
CNN ran the piece with a charming photo of penguins, though why they chose penguins is beyond me. I would have chosen 1940 Rotterdam in flames or something similar.

Yes, animals like to have lots of sex. That's fun for people like Meghan! Animals also go in for cannibalism, pointless slaughter, vivisection, and lots of other things that aren't fun for people like Meghan, but are fun for others. See, Meghan likes her groin. A whole lot. Not everyone thinks of their groin first, though. Some think of lebensraum or, at a more basic level, simple violence.

Meghan thinks that if we put an end to that icky, repressive monogamy stuff, she can wander back to her hut and get it on with a banker, a gardener, a part time Wal-Mart greeter or her Aunt Sally and no one will say, "Boo!" Well, she can until the people that like harsher things use her own logic to tumble to similar conclusions and decide to act on their now-freed fantasies.

Two good reasons to bomb Rotterdam: 1. Animals kill each other without mercy to gain territory*. 2. You can do it to some really cool music.

* - Animals do it to obtain mates, too! There's your groinal tie-in right there, Meghan! It's the Daily Double - He-111s bombing the tar out of the Low Countries and Nazi soldiers raping people. How can we go wrong?


drozz said...

for some reason this post reminded me of this scene from family guy:


K T Cat said...

I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I think humans have a pretty big biological imperative for monogamy: the humongous list of human sexually transmitted diseases: syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, HPV (and certain oral/throat and cervical cancers. Thank you, Michael Douglas), chlamydia, trichomaniasis, herpes, hepatitis A and B, "crabs"--and this is just off the top of my head!! If people would : a) wait until marriage; and b) stay faithful and monogamous, there would be a HUGE decline in the above listed diseases/infections.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and penguins aren't mammals.