Thursday, June 13, 2013

If We Didn't Buy Stability, What Did We Buy?

To my way of thinking, the whole point of massive government intervention in our markets in the form of regulations, spending and printing was to buy reasonable comfort, security and stability so we could go about our business of smoking dope, drinking booze, visiting Indian casinos, having unfettered sex and aborting babies. The deficits and monetization thereof were necessary to prop up the Pink Police State.

Lord knows that if we're all taking out huge student loans to get degrees in Queer Film Studies, there's no way we're going to be able to create any wealth to pay for Sandra Fluke's OB-GYN visits and resulting massive doses of antibiotics.

So we bought into the Peronist nirvana theory that we could regulate and print our way to stability. Did we get it? Well, from the looks of things in Japan, the home of Krugmanesque levels of government intervention, the answer is a resounding ...

Dig this chart of the Nikkei 225:

NKY Chart
NKY data by YCharts

BOOM! BUST! ZING! SMACK! THWACK! Its like an old time Batman comic book fight scene in financial form.

So ....

If fascist economics didn't produce the stability we needed to relax and download porn all day, what good was it?

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