Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gay Marriage: The Biggest Domestic Issue Of Our Time

It's high time we got rid of the hate and stood strong with couples of grown men or grown women who have no dependents and love each other.

I can't sleep at night because of the injustices they face.


John Travolta said...

Seriously! Name me one injustice that gay people in this country have ever had to endure.

Sparky said...

I agree, what injustices are they suppose to have suffered from? Are they made to sit at the back of the bus? Do they have to wear a star sewn onto their blazers to mark them as such? Are they being being forcibly tattooed and put in work camps? Do they lose their jobs if "outed"? Are they not allowed to buy clothes, food, shelter or children like everyone who's normal? Queers have the same rights and priviledges that all have. They also can seek assistance with their mental health problems, just like anybody. They don't want "justice", they want to be strong on everybody else and have special priviledges.

K T Cat said...

Sorry, John, I'm not going to take the bait. The massive pile of human wreckage that is the harvest of 40 years of progressive moral relativism is real. There really is an optimal family structure and blowing it apart through abortion, treating all families as if they were equally valid and now gay marriage as done nothing but harm.

To take one example, progressives like you sold abortion as a way to reduce unwanted pregnancies and lower illegitimacy rates. It didn't just fail, it failed spectacularly. Your world view has foundational problems, John. We slaughter 1.5 million "unwanted" babies a year and now we've got more than ever before. That makes zero sense according to the progressive world view.

Maybe before we smash another traditional social structure, we should clean up the mess from the last couple of times.

John Travolta said...


1) Do you not agree that attacking or outright murdering another human being simply for being gay is an injustice?

2) If two consenting homosexual adults are willing (and able) get married, how does that act, specifically, negatively impact you or anyone else?

3) You misspelled privilege twice.


1) You keep trying to lump homosexuality in with a huge pile of real (and very serious) societal problems, and say that since the sum total of all these things damages society, then they're all equally to blame. I'm sorry, but no, I'm calling bullshit. How many times have I asked you and others this question on here? Explain to me how gays and gay marriage specifically damage society.

2) Way to change the subject. And thanks for, yet again, putting words in my mouth and painting me as some crazy left boogeyman that you've obviously built up in your mind. I've never "sold abortion" to anyone, and actually opposed to abortion in most circumstances.

K T Cat said...

John, there is a natural conflict between support for sexual freedom and sexual equivalence and care for the less fortunate. You chose sexual freedom over social justice. I choose social justice over sexual freedom. Maybe that's not good or bad, it just is.

John Travolta said...

Well that might be the smuggest dodge in the history of smugness and dodges...

But you did it! You TOTALLY figured me out! All I care about is sex, sex, sex, and I hate social justice almost as much as I hate unborn babies. Kudos, sir, your keen gaze has penetrated straight through my vile leftist propaganda!

How about this instead? How about you dispense with the hand waving, do your floundering anti-gay position a favor, and get around to actually demonstrating how gays and gay marriage contribute to social injustice.

K T Cat said...

So despite all of the statistics, anecdotes and analysis showing how the destruction of the traditional, nuclear family has led to poverty and social pathologies, there's no conflict between sexual freedom and social justice? Really?

After 40+ years of ever-building, slow motion catastrophes caused by separating procreation from marriage we're now going to attack the other side and separate marriage from procreation and that's not going to be a disaster? Good luck with that.