Friday, June 14, 2013

Every Man A Snowden

We as a society have agreed that traditional institutions are morally bankrupt. Churches are full of hypocrites, the media is lying to us, politicians can't be trusted and objective morality is a sign of bigotry. Everyone should be able to decide right and wrong for themselves. To quote our president, "Sin is when I'm out of alignment with my values" or something close to that, emphasis mine.

We've created a monster and released it. Now some of us are shocked that the thing is loose in the countryside, wreaking havoc. Mr. Snowden, using his values, not those of, say, John Boehner or Barack Obama, made a call and revealed the NSA spying program.

Of course he did. We coached him to do just that. When we raised him to "Question Everything," we forfeited the concept of common mores and respect for conventional social structures. While lots of people are up in arms about what he did, none of them can say why, in an objective sense, it was wrong. Snowden wasn't out of alignment with his values, ergo, according to the most powerful person in the world, what he did wasn't a sin.

What the outraged, shocked gaspers in politics and media don't get is that Snowden is a symptom of the disease they themselves helped us contract. If all morality is relative and all values personal, why should you expect anyone to place any limits on their behavior at all?

See also: Chicago, murder rate of.

In a way, Snowden acted out his own multicultural morality play. We like to associate multiculti with races, religions and sexual orientations, but that's an arbitrary limit that exists only in the minds of the academics. Culture is much broader than melanin and who you want to sleep with. It includes political leanings as well. Multiculti has taught our young-uns that everything is groovy.

Please fasten your seatbelts, the captain sees turbulence ahead.


Anonymous said...

I got three words for you:

Human nature sucks.

Rose said...

I see Snowden as the guy who runs down the aisle and throws the sledgehammer at the 1984 big screen in the Apple commercial.

He's called out the dishonest Emperor and his court. The lovely robes and sparkling jewels are nothing but mud and soot.

I'm glad he did what he did, because voters gave the Chicago Machine the keys to unlock all the sealed divorce records, and gave them unfettered access, not only did the media not dare look, no one dared even look askance.

We don't know yet the full extent of what has gone on, we can assume Snowden has seen things beyond what has been reported. How'd they expose Petraeus, and why? Why did Justice John Roberts rule as he did? Does all of this have anything to do with it? Is there more? Less visible people who just quietly disappeared from their positions? Made decisions we never hear of?

It may be the opposite of what you think - it may be that morality holds, even in this culture of anything goes, and Snowden had an awakening.

Doo Doo Econ said...

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