Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ecuador Better Not Mess With Us

... because if they do, we'll send the US Navy down there to teach them a lesson.

Ecuador has been acting up. They're thumbing their noses at President Obama and telling him to get lost when it comes to Eric Snowden and some other stuff, too. Well, we're not going to take that kind of guff from a bunch of Latin American pipsqueaks, no sir. Dig what we're going to send them*.

Pretty frightening, no?

* - We'll send them the video, not the fleet. Due to military budget cuts to pay for green energy subsidies, free contraceptives for 30-year-old coeds and IRS employee conferences where they pour over tax returns from Dawn Wildman and Mut, we can't afford to send any real, you know, ships. Instead, we'll just email them a link to that video. Tough times demand tough action.

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