Sunday, June 16, 2013

Can Someone Help Me With The Immigration Bill?

I worked at the Catholic Charities Food Resource Center recently. We provide supplemental food assistance to people who are on other forms of assistance but have run out of food. I did intake again, where you look the client* up on the computer, find out their family situation and then help them pick out fresh food from whatever is on the menu that day.

Some of the people are homeless, some are between jobs and some, through sloth, stupidity or ignorance, are just hopeless losers. Some have unrealized potential and are unnecessarily screwed up.

There are lots of customers and when you go over their incomes from various sources of assistance - SSI, SDI, Food Stamps, etc. you marvel at how they get by at all. The benefits are small. Whatever the benefits might be, these people are a financial drain on the country. They consume far more government money than they produce, assuming they produce anything at all, which most don't.

Immigrants to the US are almost all from the south - Mexico, mostly. They're not electrical engineers and accountants. They're low-skilled workers who are going to go in and out of programs like ours.

Why do we want more of them?

It's like we have a death wish or something. I see these people and all I can think of is the debt clock on B-Daddy' blog, spinning, spinning, spinning, the numbers going ever upwards. We're rushing towards total bankruptcy at the rate of a trillion dollars a year and we're debating an immigration bill?

From the looks of things, Japan's collapse has begun. The printing of yen has stopped propping up the Nikkei and the thing has fallen 20% in the last few weeks. They are Screwed with a capital S. Isn't anyone watching this in Washington? This is real. It's really happening.

And we're debating an immigration bill, trying to bring more poor people into the country. I don't get it.

* - Client? Customer? Friend? Personally, I prefer friend. It's so easy to love the people who come in that the words customer or client seem too cold.

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They are voters for the liberal view.