Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Bit On The Gay Marriage Rulings

I think they're a distraction. I'm growing to think the whole gay issue is a giant distraction. It's like Global Warming Climate Change. It's a manufactured issue that's being exploited to the benefit of some.

Some of my progressive friends think gay marriage is the civil rights issue of our time. Two adults without children, living together must be recognized as "married" for some reason. Whatever the horrible injustices they face with only two incomes, no kids and no responsibilities outside of managing to keep themselves off the police blotters while they find new ways to inseminate feces or chafe faces, I just can't believe it rises to the level of "the civil rights issue of our time."

Instead, I'd argue that Highland Park, MI* and its peers are the civil rights issue of our time. Cities where civilization has regressed, leaving a shattered population living in squalor and ruin.

Gay marriage? Marching and chanting and singing. Highland Park? Crickets.

* - I've been doing research into Highland Park. I've got a bunch of links stored up and that one is the best summary, sans commentary and analysis. The problems in Highland Park are not centered around their schools, but this representative of the overall collapse of society in places like that.

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tom said...

I think you're missing the larger point -- this whole mess just shows how much the government has injected itself into every facet of life.

I'd forgotten that the DOMA case was all about a lady who didn't want to pay her Fair Share(tm) to Obama. She didn't want to pay the estate taxes on her inheritance. If there weren't estate taxes this wouldn't have happened.

Instead of a government that exists to protect the rights of people to do what they want without bothering each other, the government has infested just about every aspect of life.

Societal decay follows from the government intrusion, in that the organizations that might help are barred by the government. Churches and charities? Sorry, we can't let you spread a positive message. Just submit to the government.