Sunday, March 03, 2013

Obama And The Press Hold A Brainstorming Session

This is one of the strangest presidential press conference videos I've ever seen.

When I saw it, all I could think was that they were going to turn off the cameras, form up small working groups and start putting yellow stickies on the walls with their ideas. There was such synergy between the press and the president it was as if they were all one team trying to figure out how to deal with those crazy Republicans.

Which they are.
"Give me an example of what I might do." Why, what else could he do? I mean, what could any reasonable person be expected to do that he hasn't already tried? 
"What more do you think I should do?" Golly, Mr. President, I can't think of anything! 
"This is a room full of smart folks!" Gee willikers, President Obama, we're nothing special. (Digs toe in carpet, looks down and blushes.) We could never hold a candle to you and your team of brilliant experts. If you're stumped, then by gosh, so are we!
I think I'm going to be sick.

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Doo Doo Econ said...

Not one reporter reveals that he is asking for MORE taxes or asks what entitlement reforms and spendng cuts he is referring to?

Mr. President is implying that something happened that hasn't been revealed to the press or public. Isn't that the definition of a story?

Or simply, like Politico, the press can't report until Mr. President tells them what to report?

Maybe the disgust growing with the press and the president is only among those who know what a poison apple is?

Maybe it is just those who value truth, justice and working in good faith, who shake our heads at this president?