Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mary Mitchell, Jonylah, Lupe Fiasco, The National Debt And John Kerry

How's that for a combination?

Jonylah is the name of a 6-month-old baby who was shot and killed in Chicago, collateral "civilian" damage on the front lines of the city's gang war quagmire. Mary Mitchell, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, laments that the child's death didn't result in marches, protests, speeches and riots while a police shooting of a young black man did. Mary is outraged that blacks killing each other is implicitly acceptable to the city's black leaders.

Lupe Fiasco is a rapper who penned the following lyrics in memory of the dead child: "How about them bullets that slow you up? You ain’t really die, we watched you grow up." A very cursory and incomplete viewing of Lupe's rapping reveals some excellent work such as Bitch Bad, a song about little boys developing their view of women from the language they hear. "Bitch bad, woman good, lady better" is repeated throughout the song. Lupe is trying to make things better, at least some of the time.

Going back to one of my favorite widgets, here's the national debt.

Learn more about us debt.

John Kerry, now our Secretary of State, is a progressive of spotless credentials. Tax the rich, feed the poor, stop the war, marry the gays, save the planet, the guy is on the progressive side of every issue. He is a True Believer if ever there was one. John is also very rich. He bought a yacht and instead of paying huge taxes on it in Massachusetts, he registered it in Rhode Island where the bill was much, much less.

On the plus side, it still has an American flag. Source.
Mary Mitchell is right to be incensed about the lack of outrage over Jonylah's death. Black political leaders are so invested in the racial grievance industry that they dare not speak of Jonylah for fear of diluting their message of white oppression. Still, I would suggest that Mary is just noticing the tip of the iceberg.

To me, Jonylah's martyrdom on the altar of black racial paranoia was nothing new. It happens almost every day in Chicago. Dead blacks only matter when their deaths can be blamed on racism. What jumped out at me were the lyrics to Lupe Fiasco's song.
You ain't really die
You ain't really die? Really? Each one of us is carrying around our very own $52,000+ national credit card bill. If you can't pay yours, mine is going to go up. When I read lyrics like, "You ain't really die," the first thing I think is that my portion of the bill is going to be huge. Illiterate people don't earn enough to take care of themselves, much less service a $52,000 bill. Hoping they'll be able to pay it down is delusional fantasy worthy of entrance into a mental ward.

Mary Mitchell needs to start thinking bigger. A lot bigger. Why should I and why should my children stick around to pay this bill when our fellow citizens are shooting each other and penning lines like, "You ain't really die?" People from a violent culture whose poets are marginally literate have no chance at all to earn what's required, leaving the rest of us an easy choice between being buried alive by debt and getting out. If you think that's selfish, hearken back to John Kerry and his yacht. If a filthy rich True Believer isn't going to pony up, I'd have to be a total chump to pay my "fair share." I'd have to be an even bigger chump to pay for people who blame me for their problems as an institutional core belief.

What's the gang war going to look like when the productive class has left? When that wave of emigration begins, Jonylah's going to have a lot of company. See also: Detroit, collapse of.

Immigration ebbs and flows. Middle class Californians are escaping to Texas where it once went the other way. In the 1800s, Europeans came to America to escape national woes. When American cultural decay and fiscal collapse becomes national, the immigration won't be from state to state, it will be nation to nation. The people left behind will be in a world of hurt.

Mary is a good person and she's righteously outraged. She's also thinking about a month into the future. She needs to be thinking a decade into the future. Mary ought to start sounding the alarm about the dwindling reasons for productive people to stick around. Otherwise, she's going to be left behind with "them bullets that slow you up," whatever that means.

Broken Record Department: I've blogged about this here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

You're delusional, take a chill pill.

K T Cat said...

Hmm. Not sure how to take this, Am I delusional about the poor grammar, the misplaced concern or the debt?