Saturday, March 30, 2013

It Won't Hurt Anyone If Ken And Roger Marry

Seriously. It won't. Individual gay couples marrying won't hurt anyone. In fact, we won't even know it happened.

Similarly, it won't hurt anyone except the baby if Suzy has an abortion*. Indeed, Suzy's abortion, if Suzy is unmarried, will reduce the number of children born out of wedlock by one. That's a stone-cold fact.

So what happened? Suzy was allowed to have abortions and everything went to the dogs. How is it possible that something that individually wasn't a problem ended up helping to fundamentally redefine sexual relationships across society to the point where the Atlantic now publishes anguished articles where women wonder were all the good men went?

How is it possible that our mountain of 55,000,000 corpses of infants, almost all of which would have been born to unmarried mothers, didn't result in a reduction of illegitimate kids, but coincided with a huge increase? Each individual decision went in the "right" direction and there were 55 million of them! It boggles the mind to think that 55 million slain, illegitimate children didn't cut the overall rate.
Let's make my grandparents with their 30+ offspring equivalent to two trannies. We'll never even meet the trannies or know they got married. What could go wrong?
* - This is a gross oversimplification as it harms all kinds of people psychologically, but let's just go with the most trivial premise.


Doo Doo Econ said...

KT your moral courage is showing.

Thanks for writing this. Thoughts on how and why the diminishment of marriage is a net negative are basically nonexistent.

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly had a discussion of the issue in which the "Culture Warrior" commented that there were no good arguments against it.

The left should be replaying that statement, but there are many good argument. The arguments are not "sloganized" for the media...that is a problem.

Gay marriage is the #1 social issue for the young for good reason. Young people are not yet responsible and removing the responsibility of commitment appeals to their fantasy of eternal youth.

This is our fault and we need to have the courage to face the consequences of our apathy. You show such courage here.

K T Cat said...

I don't know what I ever did to deserve your friendship, but I'm scrambling around trying to do more of it.


journeytogao said...

What? If gay marriage were legal in your grandparents' day they would have had sex changes and married sterile hermaphrodites? (I'm sure the flamboyant trannies of today would wear sweaters with leather elbow patches and dirndl skirts and love man-woman sex if the laws were different. That's what's so good about government. You can use it for mind-control and behavior modification.)

Whoa, and Doo Doo Econ, how does setting gays up in marriage reduce commitment? Is leaving gays to flap in the breeze all single an encouragement to commitment?

K T Cat said...

Yes. It was all about the hermaphrodites all along. Codewords, my friend. Look for the codeords.