Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hyaluronic Acid Injections In Cats

Our Maximum Leader has been suffering from painful arthritis in her right elbow for some time. Late last week, the problem worsened to the point where her leg was collapsing under her as she tried to walk or climb small steps. She had changed her gait, trying to reduce the pain and her shoulder was so far out of alignment that the leg couldn't handle the stress.

I thought she might be done for. It was unbearable to see her in such agony.

We took her in to see her normal vet who referred us to a local expert. They injected her with hyaluronic acid* and steroids. The effects were better than could ever have hoped.

At the vet and in great pain.

At home after the injection. Relaxed and happy.
Once the trauma of the visit and treatment had worn off, her mood was about a thousand percent better than it had been in months. She was cheerful and loving. She was back at her normal habits, checking the house and yard for interesting things to do and making sure she was with us wherever we went. She's such a happy cat right now - there's no doubt she remembers what the pain was like and is beside herself with joy that it's gone.

So are we.

* - I'm pretty sure this was the acid. Looking it up, it makes sense. I don't have the treatment paperwork in front of me right now.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I'm glad Her Maximous has gotten her groove back.

drozz said...

good to hear The Muse is recovering!

Anonymous said...

I am glad her serene maximousness is recovering nicely. And thanks for the info; it's helpful to hear about arthritis treatment for pets. My dog has severe hip dysplasia. She got a replacement a couple of years ago, and has been on metacam since then. Until last fall. She devleoped a perforated ulcer from the metacam. (That leaked and cause peritonitis. Which has about a 90% mortality rate in dogs. But she didn't have a fever, and no elevated white count, so I said yes to the four peritoneal lavages and the surgery to resection her duodenum.... So... After a pretty hefty emergency and specialty vet bill, she's doing pretty gosh darned well--except for her bad hip. I need to take her to the orthopedist. I was worried about what to do--the original plan, when she got the hip replacement was to go for a femoral head ostectomy, but two years ago, I raided her surgery fund for my three root canals. You've given me a lot of optimism!

Signed-the hoosier named lee whose abyssinian died last fall, and who is too lazy to sign in to comment.

Foxfier said...

My Princess says she wants to play with your pretty cat. *grin* Still amused that our boys are a similar pattern to the Maximum Leader.