Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Why I'm Voting For Mitt Romney Today

... because when Sister Clare and her fellow nuns minister to the poor, the sick and the needy they do so regardless of the faith of the people they're helping. They do it in imitation of Jesus. They have chosen a difficult life, a life of service and self-denial for the sake of their faith. To say that they are not a religious organization or that their actions are not that of a religious organization because they, like Christ, serve all, is an injustice. Worse than that, it marks a watershed moment in American governance where we turn away from a free, constitutional republic to fascism. There is no practical societal value in redefining them and their work, it is only to enforce the government's moral orthodoxy upon independent people.

I have no desire to live under fascist tyranny.

For the protection of the Sisters and other religious organizations from governmental intrusions and attacks, I'm voting for religious freedom. I'm voting for Mitt Romney.


Mostly Nothing said...

I voted. Got to the polls 15 minutes before they opened. About 50-60 ahead of me.

I was the cut off to going into the poll room, as it was getting full. Went in, got my ballet, waited for my turn. Took a table instead of waiting for a booth, and was out by 7:15. Voter 41 of Minnesota precinct 7.

Get out and vote.

Rose said...

I voted. Absentee. Mittmentum!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
Elizabeth Emken (California)
No on 30 (California)
Yes on 32 (California)
NO on all tax increases. Period.

But mostly, YES to a NEW, fiscally responsible President.

drozz said...

very well put.

Mostly Nothing said...

I've been under the impression that absentee ballets aren't really counted unless there is a tie/to close to call vote. I maybe wrong on that, but I seem to remember the media saying something about that when we Minnesotans "apparently" elected Al Franken.

Houston (aka) Tots said...

Today America chose her destiny. The greatest generation has passed.

Foxfier said...

Mostly Nothing-
I seem to remember something like that, as well; ditto provisional ballots.

I believe it depends the state, though.