Saturday, November 10, 2012

Does Compassion Require Sacrifice?

The day before the election, a dear friend of mine posted how she was a proud liberal, full of compassion for the less fortunate. But was she? She was voting to have the Federal Reserve print trillions of dollars that her favored politicians would then hand out to the poor. She didn't have to do anything. Nothing was expected of her - no fasting, no sacrifices, nothing. The goodies all appeared magically so the government could give them away.

Is that compassion or is that self-delusion? Is she just being compassionate within the rules of the game? After all, since we have a fiat monetary system - our money is not tied to any commodity - is compassion handing out money no matter where it comes from?

In the end, she felt compassionate today. Tomorrow she'll feel the stagflation and respond to it with either a fiscal awakening or more "compassion."


Jeff Burton said...


This is the key point that no one gets. They are not compassionate. They are not caring. They are not loving.

This is about them and their feelings. They are a bunch of infants.

Mostly Nothing said...

I've been wondering about my charitable giving during this election.

Since the gov'ment is going to take care of the poor now, do I need to cut back my giving?

Doo Doo Econ said...

A young woman was holding a sign asking for money in mission valley yesterday, "Homeless and pregnant. Anything will help!"

I was tempted to take a picture and posted it on Facebook. It would have been a monsterous thing to do. However, I have no doubt progressives would do such a thing if conservatives were in power.

Watching the next four years is going to be heart breaking.

Moxie D. Hoxie said...

Over at bookworm room, I suggested we each try converting a "liberal." We all know them, and we know a few who are at least reasonably intelligent. Maybe if we focus on their intelligence, and be reasonable (And stay away from references to Fox and other news courses they do not trust) we might have a shot.

Houston (aka) Tots said...

Yes, you HAVE to sacrifice something to be caring. If you don't give of time, money or something, then all you are doing is being someone else who says, "Somebody needs to do something."

Moxie, you have a great idea. May I suggest trying to get your liberal friends to go out with you while you volunteer for something? Maybe if they see you in action they might make the connection conservatives are not a cold heartless bunch.

To summarize my views, I want the federal government out of most things as the further you get from the source of the suffering and the source of the giving, the less efficient it becomes. Washington trying to help homeless in my hometown is going to be far more inefficient than me taking a group of my friends to them to help.

We can hope against hope we can help libs understand.