Thursday, August 02, 2012

Viking Raiders

Watching the flashrob video I posted a few days ago, I was suddenly struck by the similarity between a pack of looters swiftly descending in a coordinated attack on an outnumbered and practically defenseless shop and this.

Pick out a target, gather your forces, jump in your longboat/car, raid, loot and flee back home. When it's successful, brag about it to your friends who decide they want to get in on the action. After a few good raids, get your bards to sing songs and tell stories about your brave deeds to the rest of your clan which encourages others to try to top what you did so they win the highest honors.

This doesn't end well for anyone.

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tim eisele said...

"Crime is entirely a matter of degree. If you kill your neighbor and steal his property, you are a murderer and a thief. But if you gather together an army of lusty fellows in the name of honor and glory, kill a few million people, take their land, and hit up the survivors for taxes, then you are a conqueror and a hero, and your name goes into the history books." - Captain Sir Dominic Flandry, "Agent of the Terran Empire"