Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something For Tim

Looks like an opportunity.

Objective:  To develop a system that has high-throughput capability for extracting nucleic acids from arthropods, to include ticks, mosquitoes, and sand flies. The system must then be able to deposit purified nucleic acids into multiple type of receiver (i.e., tubes or plates) for future diagnostic testing systems.

I'd be careful, though. If there was one thing we learned from Roger Corman films, it's that there were some things Man was not meant to know. Those things usually involved giant arthropods and screaming blondes.

See what I mean?


Mostly Nothing said...

Obviously not Corman, but "Manos" The Hands of Fate is just 36 hours away! I can't wait!?

K T Cat said...

Ahh, the classics!

tim eisele said...

That would be pretty cool if they take it to its logical extreme; want to identify a bug (or, heck, any plant or animal)? Drop it in here, and the machine will extract the DNA, run a pattern match, and give you an ID to species within minutes! Along with an ID of any diseases it may be carrying!

Just one more component for when we really invent the tricorder . . .