Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh Please. This Is Just Too Easy

Let's see here. There's an escape from a prison in Germany that involves tunneling, jumping and two fences. Sounds to me like someone fantasizes about being Steve McQueen.
Aided by a fox and a wild boar, three kangaroos got through two fences and hopped to freedom from a wildlife park in Germany. They traveled 15 kilometers before a police posse closed in on them. 
The Rheinböllen Wildlife Park in western Germany isn't exactly Alcatraz, but getting out isn't easy either. The word around the troughs at mealtimes is that you need to get through two fences to reach the freedom of the surrounding forest. 
Three kangaroos made it at the weekend with the help of a young fox and a wild boar that were trying to break in, an official said on Tuesday. 
The boar made a hole in the fence surrounding the park and the fox dug its way under another fence into an enclosure where the kangaroos were kept. 
The marsupials, whose names are Jack, Mick and Skippy, didn't hang around. They hopped off into the night and managed to get 15 kilometers (9 miles) from the park when a passerby spotted them. The last one was caught late on Monday.
Jack, Mick and Skippy need to stop watching so much TV, if you ask me.

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tim eisele said...

It just goes to show that escaping from prison is much easier if you've got friends helping on the outside.