Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Many Songs Can You Get Through?

Once in a while, I put on the headphones at work and try to listen to music as I toil away for The Man*. I'm lucky to get through 2-3 without interruption. It's usually 1 plus a bit of one more before the phone rings, someone asks a question, or something similar. How about you?

I didn't make it all the way through AC/DC's Who Made Who today.

* - Or The Woman as the case may be.

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Mostly Nothing said...

The white noise in the office is so loud, that I can have Mike & Mike on the computer, and then sometimes I'll turn on a genius mix in iTunes. Mike & Mike is done at 9, but I miss a lot because I have the volume down.

The genius mix is usually around 25 songs. it will end and I'll try to remember hearing any of the songs. Usually it's 1 or 2.