Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Email Scam

Our Official Artist notified me on Twitter yesterday that he had received a strange email from me. He sent me the message and here's a portion of it.
I hope your job is going well. I wanted to tell you to a superb job opportunity in locality.
We have had many of our members take this opportunity and I have heard lots of great success stories.
This newsite has an article featuring one of our clients, Kelly Richards. It will also you all you all the relevant information you need to get started.
The link is (LINK DELETED) and I guess the story will be featured on the home-page until tomorrow. 
The list of addressees was strange. It was a mix of personal friends who don't have a web presence, bloggers I've emailed and bloggers where my only interaction has been to leave a comment. That last tidbit makes me think that it did not originate from my PC, but instead was harvested off the web. The folks who don't have web presences are ones I might have emailed from a website, forwarding a funny link.

I've never really worried about identity theft on the Internet, but in this case, the K T Cat email has been swiped and used by unscrupulous infidels. I'm not sure what I can do about it other than notify my friends, all of whom are sufficiently sophisticated to have figured this out.


Elsewhere: The Email Scams blog has a short entry on this one, but it doesn't describe how it works.

Update: The thing is clearly going around. A Google search on This newsite has an article featuring one of our clients, Kelly Richards turns up a bunch of message boards that clearly have been email-updated with the message.

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Mostly Nothing said...

I got it too. You probably want to change the password of ktcat on google.