Sunday, August 26, 2012

Does This Invalidate Sandra Fluke?

She wants us to pay for her Pills. Instead, we might have to spring for her coffin.
I just got out of a telebriefing with the CDC. The atmosphere was not a jovial one. The words "gonorrhea epidemic" were thrown around in ominous tones. No one was up for hanging out after.

Did you know gonorrhea can kill you? It can, and it's also tragically effective at making women infertile. According to her journals, my great aunt Mabel was "barren," and my grandmother always told me it was probably from gonorrhea. The only reason we don't hear about these awful complications more often -- and we instead think of it as a little oops of an infection ("Can I still drink on these antibiotics?" "Yes." "Cool.") -- is because we've been able to kill it early with relative ease.

But over the past decades, gonorrhea has been mowing down our antibiotics. If this was the Olympic 400 IM, gonorrhea would be the Ryan Lochte and our antibiotics would be the guy from Moldova.

The list of effective antibiotics has been dwindling as the bacteria became resistant, and now it's down to one.
The Pill is ineffective in stopping gonorrhea, but it does wonders for encouraging promiscuity.


Rose said...

It's a testament to the insanity of our time that her name is even heard at all. The world is indeed upside down.

She has no accomplishments, beyond being a willing mule for a radical agenda, and she is brought to testify before the upper echelons of government, and we are all supposed to take it seriously.

Worse, any guffaws are a #WarOnWomen.

But at its essence what guy wants a woman who can't afford her own $9 a month birth control? Is that not a giant flashing neon warning light? Telling you that she is not a good potential life partner, that she is going to be a whiny, needy drain on your entire life and psyche?

She is no partner to be proud of or confident in. She offers nothing to strengthen your family unit as it moves through time.

It's baffling.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

You're a radical Rose. You are proposing that people plan ahead and think about the consequences of their actions BEFORE they occur.