Wednesday, August 08, 2012

California Needs To Do More To Combat Global Warming

... err, Climate Change.

We need to really hitch up our britches and get to work because I don't think India is going to be joining the fight any time soon.

Not to worry, though. California is up to the challenge.

This graphic was made for China, not India. Feel free to add or subtract a few dudes and change their clothes and faces if that's what turns you on.


adagioforstrings said...

It does seem pointless that the left has declared jihad against hydrocarbons whilst the ChiComs four times our size hasn't. By driving up the price of energy, we're just making our manufacturing even less competitive on the global market.

K T Cat said...

Agreed. It works to diminish America's power in the world by forcing us to work harder to produce the same things. In a certain sense, it does nothing but reduce the impact of the environmentalists.