Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meanwhile, Back In The Real World

Italian bond rates continue to climb while European politicians debate new and increasingly complex governmental structures to deal with the fiscal crisis. It's kind of sad, really. Raised in a stew of secular progressivism, the leadership of Europe is utterly unable to cope with the concept of earning money to pay their bills and people taking responsibility for their own lives. The idea that government is just an inefficient conduit for taking money from one person and handing it to another has been obscured by their worship of the State as a force for moral good.

Meanwhile, the inexorable freight train of financial doom continues to highball down the tracks.

You can put all the governmental regulations and organizational process documents in front of it you want. It ain't stopping.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Latvia and Eurozone bank runs are already making the news. Blame is squarely placed guessed it...twitter.

K T Cat said...

I love it when they blame "speculators" as if "speculators" made them take out Payday loans and blow the money on beer and floozies.

Err, socialized medicine and public employee union pensions. Yes, that's it.