Monday, November 07, 2011

Long Beach And Los Angeles After A Rain

I spent last Thursday night at the Long Beach Courtyard. I was visiting my son, who goes to CSULB, and on Friday morning had to drive back to the LA Convention Center for BlogWorld. It rained Thursday night and Friday morning was spectacular. Here's a photo I took from my room at the Courtyard before I left. Note that you can see the mountains in the distance. The mountains! From Long Beach! The smog was all washed away. I deliberately left the image large so you could make out the details. Click on the image for the big version.

Driving in to LA on the 110 was breathtaking. When the smog has been washed away and there are big, puffy clouds in the sky, the LA skyline is beautiful. Set against the backdrop of the mountains in the north and east, the skyscrapers were clear and bright and beautiful. It was one of those moments when everything comes together to give you something wonderful to enjoy. I really wanted to stop and take a photo, but I was in a hurry to get to the conference. I probably should have pulled off and found a way to do it, but I chose the conference over the photo opportunity. Oh well.


SarahB said...

I will never forget my first year at CSULB. About 3 months into the school year we had one of those days and I stopped dead in my tracks at that view from campus. As a San Diego girl, I had NO idea you could see mountains from LB, or that it could be so beautiful. Visit the new Getty on a day like this. To dye for. Winter in LA is wonderful...the only time of year to see it, really.

SarahB said...

I mean die...working on a tie-dye project for the school. Artist brain.