Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Not Sure I Like Disqus

For a while, I was considering ditching Blogger comments and moving to Disqus. I just commented on a friend's blog and felt like I had to go through a retina scan to do so. All I wanted to do was leave a little smile for the guy, not go through a TSA body cavity search.

Maybe now that I've done it through Disqus once it will remember me and it will be easy from now on. I hope so.

(Really, it wasn't that bad. I'm just being a grump because my roast chicken is fighting with me.)


Rose said...

I know. I felt the same way.

BUT - when you've picked up a nasty troll, and you need the ability to a.) block someone by IP, username and email address, and/or b.) edit comments to take out the nasty stuff and leave some relevant portion... Wordpress offers those features, but Blogger doesn't.

Disqus does.

I hafta tell you, being able to edit the troll's comments, since I can't get rid of him, (blocking doesn't seem to work on blackberry/droid/iphones) has been a source of great hilarity... in place of the really nasty stuff I can now put excerpts from spam... "This is a great blog! I will bookmark it always!"

Sorry for the inconvenience to people like you, who I value tremendously.

I'm almost ready to give up entirely and open a new, clean blog that he knows nothing about.

Military Dad said...

I don't necessarily hate Disqus, but if there were other options available for Tumblr, I would probably look into them. It isn't always super-intuitive, and there were times where a few of my comments just disappeared which upset me greatly.

Rose does bring up some excellent points though as far as moderating the comments. It is incredibly useful for that.

tim eisele said...

So, about that roast chicken fight:

Who won?

And, about the whole blogging thing, I really like having an independent site running Wordpress. While it has its own issues, it does make it so that one doesn't have to deal with the blog platform provider doing obnoxious things without warning.

K T Cat said...

Tim, I finally won in a 15-round decision.

As for Disqus, I think Chrome may have solved the problem. More on that later.