Thursday, November 03, 2011

At Blogworld

I've been blessed to be able to attend all of the Blogworlds since the beginning and this year I'm in LA for the 2011 Expo. In the past, I've blogged right from the conference sessions, but this year I'm going retro and am not bringing my laptop. For one thing, I didn't get many hits on my posts and for another, my new laptop is basically a Lamborghini, both in speed and size. I don't want to sit with a sports car on my lap all day, so it's not coming into the buildng with me.

Instead, I'm going to be That Weird Guy Over There Who Clearly Doesn't Get This Whole Blogging Thing and will take notes with pen and paper. I'm bringing my camera, so I'll get some shots, but I'll wait until tonight to post them and my takes from the day's sessions here.

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tim eisele said...

Well, there you go. You can write your notes by hand, then take pictures of them with your camera and post those!