Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We're From Australia And We're Here To Help

Tired of your dead-end job in Greece? Worried that all career opportunities are slipping away down the drain with the rest of Eurosocialism? Concerned about public employee unions rioting in the streets like jackals fighting over a dead animal? Then come to Australia*! Come to the Land Down Under where the people are friendly, the beer is plentiful, the weather is sunny and the nation's finances haven't been ruined by enacting doomed progressive fantasies.
The Commonwealth of Australia is officially extending a helping hand to Greece, a country currently being put to the test by the ongoing financial crisis. “Skills Australia Needs,” a two-day event scheduled to take place in Athens on October 8 and 9, is being set up by the Australian government’s Department of Immigration & Citizenship to provide information to Greek citizens interested in emigrating to that country.
The Aussie Welcome Wagon awaits!

* - Only those with useful skills are invited. There's no need for the public employee union members to show up. They get to stay behind and cannibalize an ever-dwindling set of productive people.

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tim eisele said...

It's not too surprising that Australia would be taking a particular interest in the problems of Greece. When we visited Melbourne a few years ago, someone mentioned to us that Melbourne was the city with the third largest Greek-speaking population in the world (Wikipedia bears this out; the other two cities are Athens and Thessaloniki).