Monday, September 26, 2011

Cheezburger of the Day

My wife has had a terribly stiff neck lately and is seeing a chiropractor about it. Hence ...


tim eisele said...

I can't say that I trust chiropractors much. Some time ago, my wife had some back pain that wasn't too serious, but wasn't going away either, so she thought it might be worth taking a chance on a chiropractor that was recommended by a friend of ours.

So she goes to his office, and he takes his "activator"(basically a spring-loaded weight on a stick), and goes "Pop, pop, pop, pop" with it in a couple of places on her back, accomplishing precisely nothing. Then he says, "OK, we're done, see you next week, we'll bill your insurance".

Oh, boy, was she livid. She used the word "Quack" pretty freely describing the guy. And she was equally angry that the insurance company was willing to pay for it. "No wonder insurance premiums are so high, if they pay for crap like that!" is how she put it.

I suppose that there are some chiropractors who actually do something - some sort of targeted massage therapy, maybe. But I don't really see that there's a good way to weed out the many quacks other than going to visit them all, and personally I don't think it's worth it.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, I was raised to think of them as charlatans, but my wife believes in it. I have no personal experience and she thinks it's helping.