Sunday, August 28, 2011

Working On The B

I finally got down to working on my MGB's wiring today. I pulled the hood off and took the wiring diagrams from my Clymer manual to a printer and had them blown up to make referencing them easier. I'm measuring and listing the wiring and hope to have all the wire I need bought by tonight. It being a British car, the wiring coloring is both perfectly logical and hopelessly complicated.


Mostly Nothing said...

A couple of things.

1) get the pnumatic hood props to replace the regular prop. They make working under the hood so much better. Well worth the money.

2) There will likely be some mistakes in wiring. So put a big fuse in at the battery when you first hook it up. People on the mgs list have suggested using an old headlight as a fuse.

3) mailing lists., And in bulletin board form if you perfer that

Good luck! See you in Galveston!

K T Cat said...

Thanks, MN! My plan is to wire the thing up and then use a low-amp power source to test out the wiring.

K T Cat said...

By the way, are you still up for a Galveston road trip some day?