Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Link of the Day

Secular Apostate has a great post on ... well, you'll just have to see. Here's a tidbit.
Anyway, Mr Duong ... wanted to be a Certified Air Leak Sealer. Hm. I didn’t know there was a certification for Air Leak Sealers. I know it’s real complicated and everything, what with using advanced, state-of-the-art, spring-loaded tools like caulking guns and… caulking guns, but I wasn’t aware of the certificate.

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tim eisele said...

You know, of all the cities where I'd expect there to be a big push for sealing and insulating houses, Seattle is way down from the top of the list. Looking at their "Seasonal Weather Averages", their average summertime high is just a hair under 80F, and their average wintertime low isn't even quite freezing. Heating/cooling costs are going to be lower there than just about anywhere else in the country.

Weatherizing is actually *worth* something here in the Midwest, where it routinely goes subzero in the winter, and even with the thermostat turned down you might be fighting to maintain a 70-degree temperature differential with the outside. Sealing up a house here can be worth as much as a thousand dollars in reduced heating costs every winter. But how much could one expect to save in Seattle? Maybe a hundred bucks a year?