Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Last Step Before Hitting The Road

... is completely rewiring the car.

I brought home my little MGB from the guy who was finishing the restoration yesterday afternoon. The fellow had done everything else, but got stuck on the wiring. The entire wiring harness had to be replaced and the one we got from Moss Motors wasn't a perfect 1-1 match for the one that had rotted away in the car.

Instead of using the not-quite-so-perfect harness, I'm going to rewire the thing using the concepts outlined here.

I've got my work cut out for me!


Mostly Nothing said...

I'v often looked at that mess around the 4 fuse fuze box and wanted to replace it with 6 or 8 blade type fuses, on my MG.

A couple of things. Get a good wiring diagram. I got one off ebay for $15 or so 6-7 years ago. 11x17 and laminated, it's always in the car. Wonderful thing. What's you car again, a '73? Here's a link:

Second, I got my new hood on this year, and installed the pneumatic supports. Marvelous! Get a set, they open the hood so much nicer.

Drove my car today, the carbs are still a bit messed up, but better than they were.

Hey, I just realized, with my new car, we both have a 'B and an Altima.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, MN! One of the things I'm missing is the prop for the hood. I'll be sure to get the pneumatic ones. The wiring diagram is a great idea, too.