Friday, August 12, 2011

How Can The American Dream Be Dead?

So I was clicking around the Interweb Tubes yesterday and I came across an interview of Mark Steyn by Sean Hannity. I'm not going to link to the video here because I think Sean Hannity is a creep. Mark's new book is an apocalyptic follow-up to America Alone. Sean started the interview by saying he was afraid the American Dream was dead.

What a dingbat. How is it possible for it to be dead?

America's greatness came from people building their lives through individual effort. No matter how badly our financial situation becomes, the people that crossed the Great Plains and settled the West had it worse than us. The American Dream isn't about guarantees and standards of living, it's about having the freedom to succeed or fail based on your own performance.

The American Dream is dead. Bah! What balderdash.

Here, an 1890s prospector is waiting for his Federal Green Energy Subsidy payments outside of the Sacramento Diversity Center's OSHA-approved Disabled Persons Labor Training Center. That kind of thing is what made America great, you know.

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