Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Every Advantage Is On The Side Of The Looters

Looters: Missile weapons, numbers, aggression, lack of restraint, speed, agility.

Police: Body armor and shields.

This video is mind-blowing in it's total repudiation of what Australia's Herald Sun calls "a managerial, bureaucratic process-driven style of policing hatched in the rarefied confines of academia rather than on the harsh reality of the streets."

The looters are all offense and the police are all defense. Because the police have no missile weapons and are too weighed down with armor to pursue their enemy, the looters can engage and disengage at will with absolutely no risk to themselves. The psychology of the mob changes the instant they realize this - at about 0:30. The problem isn't that one mob figured this out, it's that they all did or all will in the very near future.

This is what happens when you won't aggressively defend your culture.


Whittlin' Man - formerly "Lawman" said...

It's easy to control a mob. A belt fed, crew served automatic weapon works very well for this purpose.

Act like a rampaging barbarian horde; get treated accordingly.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Where are the mounted police. You don't need fire arms when you can charge a mob with a one ton horse!

In fairness to the police I only counted eight of them vs. over a hundred in the mob. Can't blame them for backing off when the numbers are that skewed.

Dean said...

"...defend your culture." I was looking at it in terms of defending one's property but looking at this on a macro-scale, you are exactly right.

The unwillingness to defend one's property is merely symptomatic of an unwillingess to defend one's culture.

Since property rights is a feature of our culture as Americans that would stand to reason, no?

Kelly, point taken but I have seen other footage where the numbers are more even and the police have acted in more or less the same manner.

K T Cat said...

When I see the cops bundled up like Eskimos, it's obvious to me that they're not there for offensive actions. They can't take charge of the situation with anything less than close to parity in numbers.

Contrast that to a couple of SDPD guys rolling into a Pacific Beach bar. They can take control of the situation even if heavily outnumbered because you know they mean business. They advance on you.

That's what I meant by not defending your culture. The whole thing has had this hands-off air to it, like no one wanted to pass judgment on the kids' behavior. It's all so tentative and timid as if they're not quite sure what to defend and what not to.