Saturday, April 23, 2011

A New Sport for the Olympics: Rabbit Jumping!

No, really! Rabbit jumping. You don't ride them or jump over them yourself, instead, what you do is ... oh bother. Let's have Der Spiegel explain it.
Rabbits, as most are aware, like to hop. But it turns out that they also enjoy doing so competitively. Kaninhop, a hobby from Scandinavia, involves setting up mini-jumps and other barriers for pet bunnies to clear in competitions across Europe ...

Competition is, while not exactly fierce, certainly spirited. The more jumps a bunny clears, the better its score. There is also a time element, though rules tend to vary country-by-country.

"As long as you train them, they really like to do it," Fehlen, who has several rabbits involved in Kaninhop, says. "You have to teach them to jump over the hurdles, but at some point they get it."
Can we see some of these bounding buns in action? Why, of course! YouTube to the rescue!

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