Saturday, April 16, 2011

Maybe If We Instituted Price Controls This Would Get Better

Instaglenn has an interesting post on drug shortages. Here's a tiny bit.
UPDATE: A reader who asks anonymity writes:
As a pharmacist of 25 years currently working in hospital pharmacy-I can tell you that the drug shortages are ongoing, dire, and in some cases life-threatening. Take a look at to see the extent of the problem. Many items on the list are for crash carts and critical care.

We’ve had to resort to back-up products, alternatives and work-arounds. All of which compromise quality of care and safety.
I added the hyperlink in the text above.All of the non-restructuring plans to save Medicare and Medicaid institute price controls on the pharmaceutical industry. Dittos for Obamacare. If you've got shortages now, what will they be like once it pays even less to manufacture these things?


Rose said...

It's a fair question.

AND - I have a friend who delivers meds to the pharmacies. It's quite a big deal, certain meds are watched like gold, deliveries are videoed, very time-consuming.

I think most people imagine that the meds just magically appear at the pharmacy, much like milk magically appears at Safeway... if something interrupts, whether it's high gas prices, a rock slide or... a govt. decision, every small decision has a consequence.

B-Daddy said...

Price controls worked great in the 70s. I remember WIN (Whip-Inflation-Now) with great nostalgia. I am certain that with enough government intervention this problem can be solved. And if it isn't solved, there will certainly be some further government program that can be implemented.