Friday, April 01, 2011

It'sTime To Send In The Cops

... because the Libya thing doesn't look to be going so well.

Our allies call for a cease fire.
April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Libya’s opposition called for a cease-fire after the U.S. said it’s withdrawing aircraft used to attack Muammar Qaddafi’s forces following adverse weather that prevented strikes allowing Libyan loyalists to push back rebels.
Organization is practically non-existent.
Rebel forces lack any central command or organizational structure. They operate in small units, usually composed of groups of friends, neighbors or tribesmen who have armed themselves and deployed to the front on their own and make their own fighting decisions with little coordination with other groups ...

It is also hard for rebel commanders to control their youthful and inexperienced troops.

"I can't really give orders because they don't listen; instead, I give advice," said Mr. Khairy, the commander outside Darnah.
Chanting and slogans seem to be having their usual potent impact.
Another battlefield problem for the rebels is the scores of teenagers who have flocked to the front. They seem drawn by the idea of fighting and the spirit of revolution, but they carry no weapons ...

In Ajdabiya, eight teens from east of Benghazi said they had followed the rebels into battle for the last 17 days after hitching rides to the front. They sat gorging on food handouts, singing and mocking Kadafi with chants of "Forward to the front! No return!" — favorite phrases of the Libyan leader.
No worries, though. One of the most experienced and thoughtful leaders on the President's side has a brilliant idea to put an end to this whole mess. Arrest the dude.


Mostly Nothing said...

It's just embarassing that she is a leader of this country.

Dean said...

The level of unseriousness across the board requires a new moniker: "Kinetic Spring Break Action".