Monday, April 25, 2011

Hugh Hefner and Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, was all in favor of freedom and liberty. One of his more famous quotes was, "All we ask is to be left alone." He was a staunch supporter of the rights of people to make their own decisions and not have moral codes thrust upon them by hypocritical, outside forces. Jefferson Davis sought freedom for the citizens of the South.

Hugh Hefner seeks freedom for Americans. He has spent his life fighting battles for personal liberty. He has fought the benighted forces of intolerance that would jam their moral codes down your throats.

Yes, indeed, Hugh Hefner and Jefferson Davis are brothers in the cause of freedom. If a few people here or there ended up as slaves, sexual or agricultural, they can hardly be blamed for that. Free people pursuing their personal liberties will naturally find that some succeed and others fail to varying degrees. Whether it be a nation of 31 million or 350 million, you're bound to find extreme cases at either end of the scale and these in no way reflect upon the bounties of total moral freedom.


The fact that both men's lives signifcantly aided the cause of slavery is a bit of a problem, however. Best not to examine that too closely, whether you're an admirer of the Confederacy or a sexual libertine.


Kelly the little black dog said...

Wow! You got Jefferson Davis and Hugh Hefner into the same essay. Impressive!

In seriousness, it dose remind me of a recent sermon. The paster wanted to take on the issue of moral equivalency. Its pretty simple to create examples where freedom can be cast as the freedom to do evil. His point being that we can't just blindly accept every moral code as being equivalent. But that said, it doesn't mean every other moral code should be rejected outright without consideration.

K T Cat said...

Agreed, Kelly. And thanks for the compliment!

I wrote this as a prelude to something else, but I recognize that it doesn't connect the dots sufficiently well to make the point. I might take another run at it later. I do have a follow-up that I wanted to post that requires a little foundation.

Yolanda said...

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